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In the event of a death, please call us at 877-991-MMCC (6622). We strongly recommend that you call us anytime (24 hours) or any day (including weekends and holidays) as we serve 24x7. This will help us help you navigate the entire process and organize the mortuary and burial services in a timely manner.

Right after we receive your call, MMCC (FD-2119) will:

1.     Establish liaison with the next of kin (you).

2.     Email or Fax all the essential paper work.

3.     Help you fill in all the forms.

4.     Arrange transportation of the the deceased from home/hospital/coroner to the mortuary.

5.     Process a burial permit and death certificate.

6.     Organize Ghusl, Kafan, Salat al-Janaza & Burial.