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MMCC is a licensed funeral establishment (FD-2119) and full-service provider that includes the following:


1.     Transporting the deceased from place of death to Mortuary to Burial Gardens.

2.     Preparing relevant documents & death certificates.

3.     Obtaining permit for ‘disposition of the deceased.’

4.     Organizing Ghusl.

5.     Preparing Kafan.

6.     Offering Janaza Prayer.

7.     Opening the grave.

8.     Managing the burial.

9.     Closing the grave.

10.  Facilitating Dua-e-Maghfirah.

11.  Installing the grave marker (name, date, etc).

12.  Prepare burial plots for others.

Costs for all of the above services are as follows and has three components to it. The variation in costs is because of different locations (cemeteries) and service providers (mortuaries).

1.     Mortuary Services (Transportation, Ghusl, Kafan) range between $2,600 & $2,800 and is to be paid directly to the Mortuary service provider.

2.     Burial Services (opening & closing the grave) range between $4,000 - $5,000 and is paid to directly to the cemetery.

3.     Grave cost for burial plot reservation ranges between $6,000 - $7,000 and is paid to MMCC. (This can be arranged in advance, see link below)

4.     Additional charges for mortuary & burial will apply if the burial must take place on weekend or on a federal holiday. The additional charges do NOT apply to the cost of the grave.


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